Journal entry 2. The trek through the Misty Fields.

I looked at the picture of Joran with his massive Moss Dragon steed with envy. He always had an affinity for that species. Living in the Idyllic Forest had made him almost tree-like himself: patient and strong. Mia told me thats what it takes to tame a Moss Dragon.

Stumbling down a rocky path from the beach, the land unfurled before me, green and lush. A light mist lay upon the sea of grass even though it was 2 in the afternoon. I saw butterflies of brilliant hues fluttering about the blossoming Frangipanis and thought to myself why doesn't anybody build a village over here. Then i heard the roar...and felt the ground tremble...

Journal Entry # 1: Bongo Cliffs

Sunny afternoon.

'm finally here at the last outpost on my way to the uncharted lands far to the east of the charted world. I still have no watch after losing it somewhere in Mos Swamp City, so using my sophisticated city-bred sensibilities, the time of day will henceforth continue to be recorded in the fashion of an awkward attempt to strike a conversation with someone on the weather.

I had just finished my two-hour climb down from the edge of the Bongo cliffs, surrounded by the sea and a white sandy beach. The rope bridge had just collapsed in a summer storm last night, so the only way down from Mia's boarding house was a steep staircase lined with handholds, winding down the cliff-face. I sat down to have a sandwich Mia had packed for me in my satchel bag.

Cloudy mid-afternoon.

My path had yet to appear, so as I sat on a rock musing at the little rock-pools busy with tiny crabs and starfish, I entertained myself with thoughts of what I would have been doing right now if I were still working at my job in the city: (lunch, paperwork, then napping in the store closet). Quitting, and selling everything I owned to finance my long-promised adventure was, hands down, the best choice I had made this fiscal year.

Woohoo! The tide has finally gone down, and my path is revealed. A long white sand-bridge, straight as an arrow, has appeared with the low tide, joining Bongo's tall cliff-islands to the mainland. The sandy path was crawling with crustaceans, but I paid them too little notice as I was too excited to see the beautiful far green lands on the other side, much to the dismay of a few disgruntled stepped-on shellfish.